Fun with Photoshop – Using brushes to create original Art

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A fun creative Lesson with Extensive Learner Worksheet, Lesson Plan and Source Materials

The session conceptualises original artwork creation using original and found source material. It may be used as a stand alone lesson or in conjunction with my other sessions. The Handout worksheet is expanded to explain the key concepts.

Learners are directed to complete a multi-layered composition, which adheres to design considerations. The focus of the lesson is in two sections – one detailing brush creation from the example image and the second section building texture and using the brushes to create the outcome. This session will allow learners to experiment using their creativity to fulfil the learning objectives, using brushes, textures and blend modes.

Typical Lesson time: 2 – 3 Hours
Lesson includes: Source Material – Lesson Plan – Extensive Worksheet Handout
Learning Objectives:-

• Use an image to create a brush
• Use brushes and textures to build a composition
• Blend layers to create a multi-layered composition
• Apply colour and tone for design considerations


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