The focus of this lesson is to introduce Learners to the concept of adjustments layers, composite layers and creating a background image. The outcome is to achieve a modern twist on the Daguerreotype image. Includes Lesson plan, Source Materials, Explanatory worksheet, examples and extension Typical Lesson time 1.5 hours Aims and Objectives 1. Use adjustmentRead More
Learners work with given typeface and images to create an undead zombie poster in Photoshop. This lesson challenges learners to think creatively about type and creating interest when working with images. Lesson Includes: Lesson Plan, Worksheet, font, source images, PSD file Typical lesson time 1.5 hours CLICK HERE TO PURCHASERead More
An intricate lesson detailing some advanced techniques, 12 page worksheet developed for a 3 hour session. Includes lesson plan, source materials, textures, pattern overlay and example PSD. Lesson Objectives/Outcomes 1. Use Layers to build a composition 2. Use shortcut keys effectively 3. Use smart filters 4. Load Patterns 5. Apply Images to layer Masks CLICKRead More
Complete detailed lesson, easy introduction to text in Photoshop. Learners to use creative skills in Photoshop to build the final image. Lesson contains detailed explanatory worksheets, lesson plan, source materials, font, example PSD Typical Lesson Time: 1.5 – 3 Hours dependant on skill level. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASERead More
A fun creative Lesson with Extensive Learner Worksheet, Lesson Plan and Source Materials The session conceptualises original artwork creation using original and found source material. It may be used as a stand alone lesson or in conjunction with my other sessions. The Handout worksheet is expanded to explain the key concepts. Learners are directed toRead More
Photoshop Double Exposure Creative Lesson
Creative Photoshop Skills – Lesson Plan, Extensive Handout, PPT, example PSD & Source Materials. This is a great creative session, familiarising learners with key Photoshop skills. The handout covers in depth selection and refining selection, blending, masking and colour toning – explaining key concepts throughout. Lesson time is typically 1.5 to 3 hours depending onRead More
Creativity in Photoshop
Complete Lesson embedding creative thinking in image editing in Photoshop. Using a layering process with masks, blend modes, manual sharpening and selective blurring this session provides learners the opportunity to develop their creative thinking skills whilst learning new techniques. Suitable for Post 16 Photography, Graphics or Fine Art. Learning Outcomes 1. Edit an image usingRead More
Creative Image Correction Photoshop Lesson
Creative layer correction Inc: Lesson Plan, Worksheet x2, Video Example and PSD. This lesson is a practical method which provides learners with the opportunity to investigate creative layering techniques using Masks and composite layers. The aim is to direct learners experimentation and curiosity in digital imaging techniques and advance their application of knowledge through understandingRead More
Fashion Portrait Paint effect
A very simple introduction to using Layer Masks in Photoshop. This is a great lesson for beginners and advanced users of Photoshop, inspiring creativity through skill based learning. The worksheets are prepared with great care to explain the process, detailing how layer masks affect the blending of layers. The lesson also comes with Lesson plan,Read More
Water Splash Tutorial
This is a really excellent lesson which achieves a great result with relative ease. It provides learners with a simplistic method for creating digital art quickly whilst showing them the benefits of non-destructive image editing. Layer Mask Tutorial TESRead More