Fashion Portrait Paint effect

Stylised Technique Fashion Magazine in Photoshop

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A very simple introduction to using Layer Masks in Photoshop. This is a great lesson for beginners and advanced users of Photoshop, inspiring creativity through skill based learning. The worksheets are prepared with great care to explain the process, detailing how layer masks affect the blending of layers. The lesson also comes with Lesson plan, resource material and example .PSD file.

Typical lesson time 1-1.5 hours

Learning Outcomes/Objectives
1. Use Layers to build a composition
2. Use Layer Masks to create transparency
3. Use the Overlay blend mode to add contrast to an image
4. Make adjustments to images to increase contrast

For those of you having trouble with the file – I have uploaded another ‘working’ version. I have also re-mastered the Worksheet PDF and altered the lesson plan.


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